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Pennridge Airport - Where Private Pilots are Free to Fly

Whether you fly for sport, recreation or business, the Pennridge FBO gives you the freedom and access to fly when you wish... and the services and support to make it easy.



FBO hours are daily from 8 AM to 4:00 PM, but that’s only the beginning. With self-service fuel available and after-hours runway light activation, you can take flight any time. And with very little traffic and ample parking, you can come and go on your schedule.

Contact the Airport Manager for After Hours Procedures

After-Hours Runway Lights Operation

The pilot controlled runway lights at Pennridge operate reliably to microphone clicks no faster than two clicks per second. The first click starts a five second timer. When the timer starts counting down the logic circuitry will count the clicks received in five seconds.

Three clicks = low intensity lights

Five clicks = medium intensity lights

Seven clicks = high intensity lights


The lights will stay on for fifteen minutes.

Additional microphone clicks will change the intensity and reset the fifteen minute timer.


Pennridge FBO offers competitive fuel pricing and aircraft storage service, making your flying experience more affordable than ever.


The pilot’s lounge offers a comfortable and quiet place to relax and plan your flights. Equipped with two AWOS stations, a comfortable lobby area complete with vending and complimentary Wi-Fi, we tailor the landside experience for our pilots’ enjoyment.


Heated hangars, available tie-downs, and on-site maintenance make aircraft management convenient for you. And with very little traffic and ample parking, you can come and go on your schedule.

Current Fuel Prices

Jet A
100LL (FS)
100LL (SS)

Full Serve

Accepting all major credit cards



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